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March 16, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories

It is Comic Relief day today. Whoopee indeed.

Actually, it is whoopee this year for there's a book out in support of it.

Shaggy Blog Stories.

Cobbled together Tightly edited over the past seven days by Mike Atkinson, it's a collection of 99 funny (as in funny ha ha) pieces from across the British blogosphere. There are professional writers, at least one stand up comic, names I recognize and many I don't and am looking forward to.

There is also, to round it out to 100, a piece from me. This one.

Also, Mike has not only managed to get all of us to donate our efforts, he's also got Lulu.com to donate their margin as well. So of the price, some £ 3.60 (roughly $6.50 or so?) will go to charity.

Clearly, everyone is going to want a copy of this fabulous book. But can I offer you one further encouragement? By the beneficience and intercession of Him and His Noodly Appendages I can inform you that if you buy the book then you are free from the requirement to watch the damn TV shows about Comic Relief all weekend.


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...and with 160 copies already sold since the midnight launch, over £500 has already been raised for Comic Relief. Now aiming to reach the milestone of 276 sales, which will tip the meter over the £1000 mark...

Posted by: mike | Mar 16, 2007 2:42:05 PM

Jamelia was asked on T4 whether women had a sense of humour.

She replied yes.

Challenged to tell a joke, she recited "A skeleton goes into a pub and asks for a pint of lager and a mop".

The interviewer (a woman) looked at her blankly and said "Yeah ... and what's the punchline".

At which stage Jamelia fell about in a fit of (rather delightful) giggles.

The interviewer looked puzzled and moved on to the next question.

Posted by: Mark Wadsworth | Mar 16, 2007 3:15:38 PM

yet another weekend when I'm thankful that we DON'T have a sky box/satellite/thingy... no comic relief. this was MUCH more entertaining, watching mike get the book ready!

hey, tim, stick the cover up in this post, love, ah go on!

it's here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/unkemptwomen/422859986/

Posted by: lucy pepper | Mar 16, 2007 4:40:25 PM

I'd forgotten about that excellent post of yours.

Although I would have thought that the word "dildo" applied more to David Cameron than to the lady in question.

Posted by: Kim du Toit | Mar 16, 2007 5:45:38 PM

Who told them green was a good colour for a cover?

Posted by: Neil Craig | Mar 16, 2007 6:06:07 PM