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March 20, 2007

Polly's Back

Yup, rested and energised:

He can and certainly will boast shamelessly of 10 spectacular years, a Labour government proving what the Nordics always knew - that high public spending is part of the secret of economic success.

No, not even the Nordics believe that. High public spending on certain things, perhaps, but the way in which you manage such spending counts as well. Swedish school vouchers, no national minimum wage, no centralised NHS, yadda yadda yadda.

Education is Brown's great priority, with his pledge to give every state-school child private-school funding - a mighty three-fold increase, with more on youth and under-fives to come.

I don't believe either the number or the promise but let's say it happens. Argues strongly for education vouchers, doesn't it? If the funding is the same, why not let parents decide where to spend it?

So Cameron and Osborne plan the same trick in reverse. Just as Labour camouflaged its spending plans, so they hide their tax-cutting intentions.

So Blair and Brown lied to get elected. Thanks for that Polly. Sadly, many of us don't think that Cameron will: he actually means it.

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