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March 24, 2007

Overseas Aid

Not as silly as it sounds.

We'll charge you for offering us aid.

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It's perfectly reasonable.

If one can force oneself to believe, just for a moment, that ministers and officials, those whose time is currently being gobbled up listening to earnest lectures from guilty and affluent 21 year old Western poseurs, might not all be in it just to feather their own nests and might even be interested in improving their country's and countrymen's lot, then the plan makes a very great deal of sense.

By being required to seek a permit, the donors are being asked to take a stake in their projects' success. The permit fees would cover the cost of the time of the officials the donors have to meet - effectively a guarantee of access - while at the same time forcing the donors to come up with more viable projects.

The donors might even tailor their projects according to what the recipients need.

And if they can't come up with the goods, they can trade the permit to someone who can.

No problem.

Posted by: Martin | Mar 24, 2007 11:07:36 AM