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March 05, 2007

Insane Business Offer of the Day

There's a gentleman out in Kazakhstan who has been smoking some very weird stuff indeed. Via email I get this:

We have sales facilities of Scandium Oxide Sc2O3, mark E.

Terms of delivery : CIF USA.
Quantity:15,052 kg.
Packing: plastic bottles and bags.
Terms of paymant: irrevocable L/C.
Cost: 79 usd/gr.

Err, $79,000 a kilo? $79 million a tonne? Over a billion dollars for a truck load?

Jesu C on a crutch.

Pity for him there's another bloke out there offering me the same material (yes, it's exactly the same material) at something like one five hundreth the cost and I think that's still too expensive.

Must be fun to take drugs that powerful.

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