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February 18, 2007

Paid Blogging

Observant readers might note that there's some blatant advertising going on in some posts around here. Indeed there is and they can be identified by their being placed in the "paid blogging" category and a disclosure policy at the bottom.

This is all part and parcel of the ongoing quest to find out whether it is in fact possible to make a living from blogging. It's already true that I have proved the contention to myself that it is possible to use blogging as an advertisement, that leading to other paid work the volume of which is indeed sufficient to make said living. But is it possible purely from blogging?

Apart from a brief experiment when it first started I've been putting the daily blatant advertising onto another blog, 419 er Watch. What has changed is that some advertisers are so delighted to get exposure on a higher ranking blog than that that they offer truly interesting sums of money in return for a posting or two. These two today, surrounding this, are paying something over £80 between them.

Where I am, the rural Algarve, that's a week's beer, food and fags money. An interesting sum to earn for 20 minutes work. Most of such advertising will continue to be away from here, at various little sites set up for the express purpose of bringing in the dosh.

However, there will be those carefully selected (ie, those paying lots of money) ads appearing here occasionally too. No doubt I'm betraying some essential principle of blogging but I do need to get a new roof on this house as well.

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