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February 18, 2007

ID Cards and The Environment

The centres where you can sign up for your citizen's barcode are publically announced today and it is noted that some people will have to travel substantial distances at their own expense in order to have the tattoo prepared for them:

People without their own transport, such as the elderly and the less well off, will be hit hardest by having to make round trips that in some cases will be more than 100 miles. Somebody living in Cambridge would be forced to make a 62-mile round trip to Bury St Edmunds, while people in Blackpool would have to travel 54 miles to Blackburn and back. In Stranraer, residents face a 128-mile round trip to Kilmarnock.

Hhhmmm. 60 million people, say, average 50 mile round trip, 150 grammes CO2 per litre  petrol used,  4 litres petrol per person (urban driving maybe?)....36,000 tonnes CO2 emitted. Hey, there are people who campaign against bottled water because annual emissions are that high.

So, ban ID cards to save the planet?

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