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February 04, 2007

Britblog Roundup #103

Yes, it is that time again, time for your selections of the blog posts we should all be taking note of.

You can send in nominations for next week's by emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Any subject, any viewpoint, the qualification being from a native or resident of these isles.

First up is Dr. Crippen's The BritMeds. Still in its first flush of bouncing youth, packed with posts about health care in this country.

A blog to read in its entirety: As a Dodo, the obituaries you would like to see. This one is Loans for Peerages.

Suzblog shows that liberality is sometimes a rare commodity in the Liberal Party.

Wife in the North. Go read. Yes, that's an order.

Get your weird biology stories here, from Postman Patel.

Saltation, an Australian, finds that England has weather.

My London Your London points out that branding is hardly a modern invention.

The Capacious Handbag wants all bloggers to join in on February 12th. A Blog and Buy Day. To raise funds to build a replica of HMS Beagle and send it off in a reconstruction of Darwin's Voyage. An excellent idea: so, what am I bid for a paperback of Darwin's original  book on the trip?

Pandemian worries that she's turning into her father.

Mind The Gap is not happy to hear about family friendly specialties in medicine.

Lady Bracknell finds that there are still, to all of our considerable surprise, those offering decent services.

Cruella-Blog on the policeman who might be handling rape cases.

Apparently Shell should not sponsor exhibitions of wildlife photos.

Those X-Ray cameras: as Stroppyblog points out, how long before the images turn up on You Tube?

Good advice for those matching up to rent a flat. As Nearly Legal points out, a joint tenancy is indeed a joint tenancy.

Chris Dolley points to the obvious solution in the loans for honours case.

Gracchi on gender gaps: it wold appear that the non-aggressiveness of women is not all it has been made out to be.

Liberal England on how to win an election while losing it.

As Jonny Void points out, the Spooks are weird. Why have a website that requires permission to link to it?

Would you like to know what it is like to live in an autocracy? Try this from the Maldives. Real reporting from a blog.

John Brignell catches up with Chris Huhne going down the lies, damned lies and statistics route. Tsk, for shame.

The Englishman looks back to Charles I as an upholder of the rights of Englishmen (err??)

Clairwill would like everyone to join in in reading Councillor Terry Kelly's blog. No need for a good kicking, his own words are enough.

Peter Black AM would just like to point out, on his birthday, that 47 is simply 42 adjusted for inflation.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle would just like to point out that the new rates of Air Passenger Duty are still illegal.

And that's it for this week, more at the same time, same place, next, until then:

Toodle Pip!

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