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January 21, 2007

Britblog Roundup #101

Welcome back, let's see if we can get this creaking old warhorse properly set off on it's second century shall we?
You can make nominations simply by emailing the URL of a blog post to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Any subject, any viewpoint, just either by someone in these isles or from these isles.

First up is this delightful little sally from Chris Dillow.

It's said that the mark of a good popular sicence writer is that he makes his readers feel like geniuses. By this standard, Rod Liddle is a great writer, because it's difficult to read him without getting a sense of one's intellectual superiority.

The Avian Comestible wants to make sure that everyone gets a second look at Tim Ireland's kicking off of the jihad against Guido.

Charlie Whittaker notes that the rise in university fees was planned all along.

Chris Dolley finds that his father was a war hero: and they even made a movie about him.

Mr Dodge is covering the Scooter Libby trial for the Media Bloggers Association.

The Dustbin of History provides a remarkably sane and even erudite (Habermas?) overview of the above Tim Ireland/Guido flame war.

The Morningstar has been playing with the photoshop again. Mocking the afflicted is not polite.

Mr. Eugenides doesn't even bother with the software to make a similar point.

Clairwil has all you need to know and more on Councillor Terry Kelly. When his gong comes round with the rations it'll not be for services to politics but to comedy.

Adloyada carries a report on the Daniel Pipes/Ken Livingstone debate.

Inkycircus would just like to remind us that we didn't kill Napoleon, rather, it was that froggy cooking.

Caractacus thinks that Seymour Hirsh was right and we're limbering up for a war with Iran.

Pandemian with the office meeting haikus.

My London Your London on Blasted by Sarah Kane. Yes.

Philobiblon on getting what you wish for. Trophy wives might not actually be worth it. (Well, yes, but I'd love to be in a position to find out- Ed)

The Daily (Maybe) with something that rather shocks me: something I agree with. Probably just as much of a shock to him that I do as well.

Cruellablog wants to know what's so sacred about the nuclear family?

According to The Green Room the Green Party is poised to make gains over this electoral cycle.

If you live and work in one flyblown African hell hole where do you go on vacation? Living for Disco thinks another. (I'm being grossly unfair, of course. BTW, the difference in food could be something to do with the colonial power. I would expect somewhere taken by the Portuguese to have a better cuisine than a place taken first by the Germans then by the Brits.-Ed)

The Magistrate with a couple of cautionary tales.

And that's it for this week! More same place, same time next and until then:

Toodle Pip!

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