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December 01, 2006

Why The British Have a Sense of Humour

It is, as you know, one of the commonplaces about these isles that we all have some special, near miraculous, sense of humour, something unavailable to the lesser breeds elsewhere. There are those who prove (in the meaning of test) this rule of course:

British People Against Racial Discrimination (BPARD) has launched the action with Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau in an attempt to take off air a television beer advertisement that features an Englishman fearful of Australia’s cold. Cold beer, that is.

The advertisement claims that the brewer Tooheys’ new Supercold brand is “cold enough to scare a Pom” and features footage of an overweight, pale, balding man in a Union Jack T-shirt cringing in fear at the offer of a cold beer.

BPARD, which is run by a committee of 14 and claims to have branches in Perth and Melbourne, said yesterday through its spokesman, David Thomason: “The Oxford Dictionary classes Pom as being derogatory, just like wog, wop, dink, dago, coon and abo.”

Mr Thomason believes that there is a fashionable wave of derogatory insults against the British and, on the eve of the second Ashes Test, cited the behaviour of Australian cricket fans toward the English.

Clearly Mr. Thomason isn't quite getting the joke so how can our idea pass such a proving? If there are Brits this humourless, how can we insist that there is something special about our own dear cultural practices of the gentle leg pull, the ironic aside and the sly piece of sarcasm?

Easy, those we find here who don't have these cultural attributes we export to places like Australia. They may think they're going there for the weather or something (because let's be serious about it, no one's going to be going there for the culture, are they?) but it is in fact true that they are exiled for not showing the distinctive markings of the Volk.

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There are two reasons for serving really cold beer.
1) to get rid of the taste.
2) to stop you drinking it quickly.

So what does that tell us about Australians...
No taste and can't hold there drink

Posted by: Steve | Dec 1, 2006 8:59:41 AM

How can you correctly identify a British Airways jumbo, It's still whining when the engines are off...

Sorry, couldn't help myself...

Posted by: Forester | Dec 1, 2006 11:09:06 AM

If these guys really are offended they should just make a retaliatory ad for their own private, humourless, skinlessly oversensitive amusement - an ad in which an Aussie cowers from a full pint of lager while daintily clutching his schooner between thumb and forefinger, perhaps.

Talking about Aussies, I remember a competition run by one of the TV networks (SBS, probably) during the football World Cup in 2002. The prize (wouldn't you just love this on Richard & Judy?) was a book entitled 'Sheilas, Wogs & Poofters'.

You have to love the Aussies.

Posted by: sortapundit | Dec 1, 2006 8:01:36 PM

While I must agree that almost all Aussie "beer" is dreadful rubbish, I commend unto thee Cooper's Ale from Adelaide - a tasty drop.

Posted by: dearieme | Dec 1, 2006 8:21:27 PM

I've always been a big fan of Toohey's New, Carlton Draught and Crown Lager. I used to pay rent in Melbourne with a case of Victoria Bitter every few days, and then sneakily drink half the case myself. Good times, good times :)

Funnily enough, you can't get a pint of Fosters for love nor money in Melbourne, where the brand was born. The Australians have, no doubt, realised that it tastes like fizzy piss.

Posted by: sortapundit | Dec 1, 2006 11:03:16 PM


You should try Cooper's Vintage, one of my favourites, not sure if you can get it over there.

I'm enjoying the odd Kilkenny Draught, you can get it on-tap in some places.

Summers here now, so I will be moving more to lagers...

Posted by: Forester | Dec 2, 2006 10:36:40 AM