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December 03, 2006

Speed Bandits

Yes, this really is from the Danish Road Safety Council. In all it's Scandanavian glory. A film on how to encourage young men to obey speed limits.

Now, yes, this has been around for a few weeks, I think it was The Croydonian where I first saw it. However, it gets reported in the S. Times today with what might actually be the most idiotic statement of feminist political ideas ever.

“It’s degrading,” said Randi Theil Nielsen, of Denmark’s Women’s Council. “It is based on the idea that young men are preoccupied with sex and this view of young men is wrong.”

Mhhm, hhm. Young men are not preoccupied by sex. Interesting idea and true to the extent, well, in fact not true to any extent. Memory fails me of course, my middle aged cantankerousness having blunted those hormonal surges but I really can't say, looking around at my fellows in the waiting room of the geriatric ward, that men ever really lose that preoccupation with sex.

Mary Honeyball, a British Labour MEP, said the clip was tantamount to soft porn and promised to raise the issue with the women’s rights committee of the European parliament.

So here is the humourless prig Ms. Honeyball:


And, just for all of you lucky people out there, here is some soft porn.

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I wish I could say it was a "cunning stunt".

Is it proof that If Carlsberg did soft porn it would be the best porn in the world?

Posted by: AntiCitizenOne | Dec 4, 2006 11:03:22 AM

I don't know if it's possible to have videos requiring a click to start them, but this one starts automatically every time I look at your "December" archive, i.e., every time I come back from a few days away and want to catch up. Somewhat frustrating.

Posted by: James of England | Dec 11, 2006 12:06:19 AM