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December 01, 2006

Galbraith and Friedman

Tee Hee.

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Good to see it's OK to mock the dead again.

Stigler never really recovered from a crushing footnote in one of JKG's essays.

"George Stigler of Colunbia University recently expressed his distress that far more Americans were familiar with 'The Affluent Society' than with 'The Wealth of Nations'. If this is true, then I am concerned as well. However, I suspect that Professor Stigler's true animus is with the fact that so many read Galbraith or so few read Smith, but rather with the fact that nobody at all reads Stigler".

Tim adds: D2. Mocking the dead is fine, I've never said it wasn't. Only that there's usually a short period to allow the body to cool before starting off.

Posted by: dsquared | Dec 1, 2006 2:20:56 PM

chicago of course, not Columbia.

Posted by: dsquared | Dec 1, 2006 2:26:12 PM

Yeah, right, no-one reads Stigler. His work on Public Choice Theory will still be read by economists when Galbraith's batty nonsense is consigned to an amusing footnote.

Posted by: David Gillies | Dec 1, 2006 3:52:11 PM

Not questioning the statutre of the individuals in question, but I think the photo you link to is photoshopped.

Tim adds: I'm certain it is. One of the fun things about it though is that one of the writers at that site is Milton's Grandson.

Posted by: Robert | Dec 1, 2006 6:12:05 PM

[Yeah, right, no-one reads Stigler. His work on Public Choice Theory will still be read by economists]

ahhh I see, his appeal has become more selective.

Posted by: dsquared | Dec 2, 2006 7:11:19 PM