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December 08, 2006

Fight, Fight, Fight!!

I have to admit that I find this comments section quite wonderful. You can call the winners as you see them (as I've met several of the participants and like and admire what little I know, especially the writing and blogging, of all of them, I'm not going to do so).

Almost keyboards at ten pieces at times.

One background fact that adds to my amusement. Justin and the P-Geek actually live just around the corner from each other. Wonder if they've ever met up for a pint: or are likely to now?

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To follow in the vein of that thread which I found funny more than anything else…. I think you mean keyboards at ten paces.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t point it out because my spelling and grammar is so crap and my humour juvenile that I thought it funny in this instance. After my day today my IQ is heading down rapidly.

Tim adds: Aye.

Posted by: Dave Petterson | Dec 8, 2006 7:56:57 PM