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December 07, 2006

El Gordo's Green Taxes

Good bits and bad bits here.

The same lightish touch was evident with the doubling of air passenger duty, from £5 to £10 for European flights. Mr Brown said that this would provide extra resources for public transport.

That's a good bit. Now (according to the calculations in the Stern Review, anyway) everyone is paying the true cost of their flying. We will therefore have the socially optimal level of flying vis a vis emissions. Good, so that argument about aviation is over.

This is a bad bit:

He confirmed that the landfill tax would go up to £24 a ton from next April, which will boost recycling.

Recycling is not only massively expensive, in both time and money, it's actually bad for CO2 emissions. So if we're really going to care about climate change we should stop doing it.

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