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December 10, 2006

Britblog Roundup #95

Welcome once again to out little listing of those posts you think we all should see. You can send nominations for next week's simply by emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

One small adminstrative note. Next week's will be the final version in its current form. Blogging has in fact proven so remunerative that we are moving from Lisbon to the Algarve. You will, in two weeks time, therefore be able to feel the warmer, sunnier electrons that make up this weekly blogfest.

First up has to be this from the Surrey Comet. Yes, I know, it's not a blog but the comments system is of course very blog like. Whoever adopted the Mrs. Dallinger persona has a very fine comic talent.

Mr. Dodge reports back on his paper on the music industry. Giving as good as he gets in hte comments section too.

Gracchi iwth an interesting little historical piece on the ending of slavery. All too many forget the Haitian Revolution.

The Electric Goose offers some new TV programs. Most excellent and this (new to me) blog certainly deserves further exploration.

Rupert Brookeside
A dramatic soap following the trials and tribulations of a community of World War 1 poetry experts.

Stephen Tall with a very good account of Dave's first year in Dave's own words.

Redmum on what every woman of a certain age should have.

Larry takes to The Sharpener to discuss the fallacy of finite responsibility.

Liberal Review spots the flaw in El Gordo's pre-budget routine.

Liberal Polemic castigates the BBC's reporting on the Economist's story on how terrible for the environment organic farming is.

EU Referendum with one of their typically trenchant and well researched posts on the military.

The Void refelcts upon their first full year of blogging.

Mediations with extremely timely advice for those blogging on Jacki Danicki's recent troubles. Be very careful what you publish from here on in. Martin Stabe covers the same point.

The Flying Rodent takes Tony Blair to task and Not Saussure cranks up the volume on a similar matter.

Minority Report with an interesting take on exactly what is the problem with the database state.

The Englishman reminds us that Nicholas Stern has been wrong before.

Spyblog. Just how much polonium 210 contamination is there anyway?

My London Your London with a concert review:

It’s quickly clear that there is real substance behind Bat For Lashes’ style - this stage is dripping with talent as well as fairy lights. Not only are Khan and her three companions all unfeasibly beautiful, they can also apparently play any instrument you put in front of them.

Philobiblon on a new detective novel, set in the time of Henry VIII.

Doing the geneological research: finding that one ancestor was taken prisoner in WWI.

Early Modern Whale seems to have discovered a 17th century Terry Pratchett.

Diamond Geezer on the lost London trains.

Other Men's Flowers goes looking for Jane Austen.

Purple Elephants Corner is absolutely correct. No one cvan ever again listen to 4 non-Blondes. Their crime is simply too great:

I will say however that his biggest crime against humanity is bringing That Song into the world. It is the most tedious, nauseating pile of trite...

And that's it folks, tune in next week for the last Lisbon based edition and until then:

Toodle Pip!

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I wonder if anyone agrees with me, that the comments in the Surrey Comet have something quintessentially British about them?

Tim adds: Yes, taking, almost, a piece of whimsy and then making up whole cloth from it.

Posted by: Robert | Dec 11, 2006 2:31:05 AM