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December 03, 2006

Britblog Roundup #94

We're closing in on that century you know, one week at a time....just a little domestic news for you all, we should be safely installed in our new bolthole in The Algarve by then. Free wild cats seem to have come with it.

Anyway, this is the showcase for your nominations for the interesting and wonderful blog posts of the past week. You can add to next week's extravaganza by simply emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

First up is EU Referendum. Booker's column in the Telegraph got shortened this week and Richard North has the part dropped. Not complimentary to Spam Cameron, the assumption is that that is why it was dropped.

Here's something out of the ordinary: Small Island Tales From the South Seas. Just what it says on the tin, stories from the Solomon Islands.

Did you know that there are funghi which can only live on the seats of the London Underground? Thanks to BigBlueMeanie I do now. (Quick thought for the creationists. Isn't this an example of speciation? In only 150 years?)

Funferal with a short but oh so true observation.

Charlie Whittaker on Litvinenko and related matters. Astroturfski is a very nice coinage indeed.

Chris Dolley also starts with Litvinenko but then goes wandering, as is his wont.

Matthew points out that you really should not be trying to feed conkers to your hamster.

The Select Society has views on this voluntary blog code. Why shouldn't the nerwspapers be forced to follow our one?

The Sharpener informs us that Father Christmas is a well-known fat bastard.

The Englishman would like to remind those looking for apologies for slavery that the West Country is still waiting for one from Morocco.

Why they've got a poor little Greek boy writing about Scottish politics I don't know but they do.

Something I didn't know but should have. As Jonny Void points out, distributors of medical cannabis face hefty jail sentences tomorrow. Christ, the lunacy of our drug laws.

Dr. Rant would like you to know that Lord Warner is talking shite. Given the Noble Lord's inability to understand the real world that's actually a little too mild.

The Nether-World's first birthday blog post. Altogther now...'Happy B...' and don't forget to pay the royalties!

Liberal England shows that chopping and changing amongst the England selectors is not only a recent rugby phenomenon.

Philobiblon on middle period Byzantine hymn writer (s). No, really, much better than I've made it sound.

Investigations of a Dog asks whether there can in fact be anything neutral about history? Quite apart from the interest of the subject itself there's a couple of lovely barbed comments in there too.

Stroppyblog on Shortbus, the latest (non-porno) film with real sex in it. Not sure myself I have to admit.

Jim Jay on the fact that US forces have been in Iraq now for longer than they were in WWII and the propaganda surrounding both.

Paul Kingsnorth has actually worked for/with Appollonia. On the 'How the Grand treat the little people' test she fails.

SuzBlog rounds up some of those writing about the absurd code of practice for blogs.

Other Men's Flowers starts off with Ira Gershwin and ends with:

But none of this matters, since this attractive word is best in print, used to describe such things as politicians’ speeches, or the content of most blogs; it’s quicker than writing "devoid of freshness or originality; drearily commonplace and predictable; hackneyed; trite".

Meanwhile, over in France, buying things is not easy.

And that's it for this week folks! More, next week, same place, same time, until then:

Toodle Pip!


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Thanks for the link.

I am concerned however, that you may have missed the point:
"Why shouldn't the nerwspapers be forced to follow our one?"

My thesis is that a) our code is very obviously better but more importantly b) the MSM in general CANNOT follow it: once an article is published in a dead tree edition, it is out there. The audience for the original CANNOT be the same as for the correction.

It is because they cannot that the PCC is necessary. It is merely a shame that the PCC also appears not to be sufficient.

Posted by: Cleanthes | Dec 3, 2006 3:35:42 PM

Thanks for the link. About the fungi on the London Underground seats, a colleague tells me that they are going to wipe them out with a special spray. I think all of us who favour biodiversity should campaign against the use of these antifungal and antibacterial sprays and gels. If we don't put a stop to it now, where will it end? Next thing they will be using it in hospitals, old-age homes and schools!

Posted by: bbm | Dec 17, 2006 10:29:09 PM