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November 01, 2006

Guardian Speak

A nice little line about Cuba:

But accept him they did. The Cuban people took Raul's promotion in their stride, with calm maturity. They had always expected that if Fidel were for any reason incapacitated, Raul would take over. Now he had. He does not have his brother's charisma, but is known to be an excellent administrator. The armed forces, which he commands, are without doubt the most efficient and respected institution in the country. Three months on, Raul is running the government effectively.

Efficient and respected is an interesting phrase to describe the armed forces in a military dictatorship don't you think?

The thing is, there are many places where this was indeed true: The Wermacht, The Red Army....

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Hereditary monarchy is OK as long as the monarchs are murderers? The former Manchester Guardian becomes the Medieval Grdnuaai.

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 1, 2006 9:47:32 AM

"are without doubt the most efficient and respected institution in the country"

Fear and respect.

Respect and fear.

Posted by: johnny bonk | Nov 1, 2006 10:42:27 AM

Wehrmacht and Red Army - efficient killing machines.

Posted by: angry economist | Nov 1, 2006 12:13:17 PM

This article reads like old Soviet propaganda - all it lacks is the heroic tractor drivers. The Cuban state and its deluded admirers are both stuck in a Cold War timewarp.

Posted by: Andrew Zalotocky | Nov 1, 2006 12:53:00 PM

The Guardian piece is creepily reminiscent of Robert Maxwell's probing interrogation of the dictator Ceausescu:- "What has — in your opinion — made you so popular with the Romanians?"

Posted by: Mart Wal | Nov 2, 2006 3:23:25 AM