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November 08, 2006

Daniel and Chris

I see that Daniel Finkelstein really has been reading Chris Dillow.

Can a leader writer's job be far behind?

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It can. There's no way any mainstream dead tree would regard me as remotely employable (I hope).

Posted by: chris | Nov 8, 2006 10:24:51 AM

We all know that Chris is secretly manipulating the nation's media.

We'll see DF do a piece on Hank Williams next, keep a look out...

Posted by: angry economist | Nov 8, 2006 3:38:46 PM

If I am manipulating the media, I'm doing a terrible job of it.

Posted by: chris | Nov 8, 2006 4:52:05 PM

Chris - maybe they are manipulating you? getting you to post pictures of glamorous bints on your blog - who is pulling the strings? Nuts, Loaded, or GQ or some other smutty lad mag?

Posted by: angry economist | Nov 8, 2006 5:10:31 PM