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November 25, 2006

Britney Spears Lesbian Sex Fantasies!

From that incomparable source of all matters celebrity related we hear that Britney Spears fantasised during her marriage to Kevin Federline about having lesbian sex. Yes, Shuggy is on the case here.

"Federline will be revealing everything about his short marriage in court, including Britney’s lesbian fantasies, as the couple battle over custody of their two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

An insider told the Sun: "Britney has told him more than once she is sexually attracted to women and men equally.

She has asked Kevin many times if they could have a threesome."

As Shuggy then goes on to point out:

The Sun said she begged.  Several times.  But we are to take it he declined.

Apparently he's expecting a court of law to believe this.  Which is nothing if not ambitious, to say no more than that.

I'd just like to conclude this post by saying a great big Hellllooooo to Mr. Google and his bots.

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