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November 19, 2006

Britblog Roundup #92

We seem to be getting closer to that century mark with our little roundups of your nominations of what you think the rest of us should see.
You can add to next week's set by simply emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

First up is Lynne Featherstone who, quite remarkably for a politician, appears to have both some intelligence and a moral sense. One of her constituents was charged and aquitted in the ricin that never was plot and...well, go and read.

Gracchi over at Westminster Wisdom has a long and well informed review of a book about Elizabethan England.

Chris Dolley with further reports from the French countryside: this time it's one of the cats.

Mr. Dodge piles in on Matthew Taylor.

A Big Stick and a Small Carrot has an interesting question to ask about one specific Telegraph journalist. He'd also like a little help in a Google Bomb.

Jarndyce with a philosophical joke that went straight over my head I'm afraid. I'm told it's very good though.

Nosemonkey has obviously been having a few stiff ones in the BBC's subsizied canteen in this new job of his. John Reid 'my own little love puppy'?

The Magistrate: sometimes it isn't the direct evidence that influences a case, more the inferences that can be drawn from a minor point.

Judy over at Adloyada is most unhappy with some recent moves on the definitions of paedophilia.

Philobiblon with what it takes to become a school governor. Somewhat to my surprise it's rather more than simply screaming at the LEA.

My London Your London with a review of Whipping It Up. Yes, but only if you like Richard Wilson.

Change of Shift is hosting what looks like a roundup about life in the NHS. Lots of links to medico bloggers. Perhaps the standout post is this from Rickety Contrivances.

I don't know if the patient knew any of that consciously, but I do know that I saw Christ in that room. Christ is a hardened woman leaning over a bed, giving a backrub to someone who's finally stopped screaming.

Investigations of a Dog with a review of Diane Purkiss' "The English Civil War".

Antonia Bance listens to a John Cruddas speech and begins to understand why the BNP is gaining a foothold.

Feminish with a look at a woman's photography of women.

Stroppyblog with another view of Matthew Taylor. Good to see that the contempt for his views is near universal.

The Purple Elephants Corner
would like to swap phobias if anyone has a spare one they'd like to donate?

Living for Disco with a further report from Namibia. The quality of tap water there can only be explained by lost Elizabethan sailors cavorting in the resevoir. Allegedly.

Diagnosis NFI wonders about, then tracks down, the origin of the 8 minute target for an ambluance to reach a life threatening incident.

And that's it for this week, more, same place on the dial, same time, next week so until thin::

Toodle Pip!

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Hi Tim,
Without meaning to turn your blog into a Lynne Featherstone offshot, I can at least reinforce your impression of her. I heard her speak at a discussion last night about the future of Britain's nuclear deterrent I can attest to her intelligence and moral sense. She was honest enough to say to a Catholic gathering that she did not have a religious stance, but was there to gather a broad range of views before making her mind up on where she stood on the Trident issue. This was the first political meeting that I have been to since moving to the UK five years ago, so it was an introduction that served to blow away cobwebs of cynicism that have gathered in an era dominated by spin. To be credited with the intelligence to decide for one's self rather than patronised will do more for turning back voter apathy than any initiative.

Posted by: Karl | Nov 24, 2006 10:02:48 AM