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November 05, 2006

Britblog Roundup #90

Here we go again with the 90 th edition of those posts that you nominate, the ones you think we all ought to see.

Apologies for the late posting, it was indeed necessary to see our boys put to the sword by the colonials. I realise that this will sound a little too hopeful but I do think we played better than I thought we were going to or than we were likely too after the summer games.

Anyway onwards! You can make nominations for next week's Roundup by sending the URL to britblog At gmail DOT com.

First up is John Band (good to see him back blogging!) with the real reason The Astoria won't get rebuilt, nor any gig space in its place: Westminster City Council.

The Devil's Kitchen with the real problem with the EU: the British sense of fair play.

Westminster Wisdom on one of the lesser known costs of war: those it drives mad.

Chris Dolley on a song that drives those who hear it to suicide. No, remarkably, it's not by Leonard Cohen.

The NHS Blog Doctor has been asking politicians to sign the NHS pledge. Michael Howard gave an interesting (and according to the Doc) honourable answer.

Liberal Review asks possibly the most obvious rhetorical question of the year: do we really need a law banning flag burning?

Pickled Politics on who is to blame for perhaps the most left behind group in our society: poor whites.

Jarndyce over at The Sharpener posits an answer to the question, why the boom in Halloween?

Suzblog witnesses a bunch of kids beating up a man on a bus. Time for police to arrive? Two Hours.

Spyblog with something I'm not sure I've quite grasped. Something to do with tracking emails?

Johnny Void offers us the history of Mischief Night. It's the bloody Celts again apparently.

Philobiblon on how to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner. It sounds like rather more hard work than I would want to do.

If you should be interested in lute music on MP3s then Early Modern Whale has yer links right 'ere.

Elizabeth Chadwick with more tales and purchases from the re-enactments she goes to.

The Daily on the subject that always gets the comments flowing: abortion.

The Daily Maybe reports on a climate change demo in London. Apparently 100 travelled from Cambridge to protest about the use of fossil fuels.

Lady Bracknell responds to a rather odd suggestion that the contestants in Strictly Come Dancing should train the disabled to dance for a week. Train them for a week, not to dance for a week you understand.

Tom Reynolds goes off publicising his book and gets to go round the Holby City set. As he's worked in A&E, an interesting time: he says it looks absolutely right.

And that's it for this week! More at the same place, same time (maybe even slightly earlier) next and until then:

Toodle Pip!

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