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October 16, 2006


Start with Ms. Hewitt and end up with Patricia.

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In case you missed this about hospital closures in Monday's The Times:

"COMMUNITY hospitals that lie in Conservative or Liberal Democrat constituencies will bear the brunt of the Government’s closure programme, re-igniting accusations of political interference in the NHS.

"The Times has learnt that seven times as many community hospitals have closed or are under threat in constituencies held by opposition MPs. There are 62 closed or at-risk hospitals in Conservative constituencies and 8 in Liberal Democrats seats, with 11 in Labour areas. . . "

To claim, as Patricia Hewitt did, that NHS "reconfigurations" to improve NHS financial management wouldn't affect patient care was a plain lie.

"Ms Hewitt told the BBC: 'Improving financial management does not mean compromising services for patients. Any action that the NHS takes to reduce deficits should not lower the quality of care provided to patients.'"
Filed 27 January 2006

"the NHS is enjoying 'its best year ever' according to Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt."
Filed 22 April 2006

Of course, Tony Blair is a bit more clever - he dresses it up as "modernising the NHS" and who would want to stop that?

You can tell when they are lying - their lips move.

Posted by: Bob B | Oct 16, 2006 12:54:36 PM