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October 26, 2006

Nuclear Waste Disposal

The Boy Mili does mean well I'm sure but he inevitably gets things wrong.

Local councils will be invited to volunteer to have an underground nuclear dump sited in their area in return for multi-million pound investment by the Government, David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, said yesterday.

Sigh. A multi-million pound investment by this lot is a debit, not a credit, to the life of an area. But the basic idea of offering a bribe is sound. It's just that it should be to the people of the area, not some level of government and not in the form of 'investment'. Cold hard cash please.

So you want to stick the waste under some village in Swaledale or something? There's 100 people living there? £ 500,000 each and away we go. Be a damn site cheaper and a great deal fairer too.

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