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October 02, 2006

I Receive an Email

This little piece was in the Britblog Roundup yesterday. The author has emailed me with a request.

Although I only ever did the blog as a way to write stuff for myself and a few friends, i'm very happy that so many read it yesterday. It'd be fun to think someone sends it on to someone else and so on, til it reaches my ex. I'd say I'll be able to smell the smouldering bridge stumps from here.

If you haven't already, read it to find out why.

I think we can do that can't we? Send it on? Link to it? Extract from it? So that it does indeed become famous and thus makes it all the way to the attention of the ex?

Over to you guys and gals.

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Guy sounds like a whiny loser to me.

Posted by: Ethelred the Red | Oct 2, 2006 5:01:48 PM