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October 08, 2006


Being as I am in a short period of bachelorhood I've got fish and chips (w' peas!) ready for my dinner and had pizza for lunch.

Exciting stuff, I know. But our cat, Toby (the one who likes orange juice but not milk), sniffed the fish (gloriously fresh it is too) and wandered away.

Smelt the pizza and dived right in.

What is it with Portuguese cats?

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Toby? He doesn't sound very Portuguese to me... are you sure he's not English?

Posted by: Mr Eugenides | Oct 8, 2006 7:02:24 PM

i love your confidence that the period will be 'short'!

Tim adds: Wifey gone to see the grandkids...yes, I do expect her back.


Posted by: holly finch | Oct 8, 2006 8:51:59 PM