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October 22, 2006

Britblog Roundup #88

Welcome to the Britblog Roundup for the 88 th time. Your selections of those posts we all ought to see but possibly did not.

You can make (and indeed encouraged to do so) nominations for next week's simply be email the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

First up is an atrocious tale of the treatment of diabetics within teh NHS. No, it's not money, or resources, simply the insane method of organization. They're killing people with this as Squander Two points out.

The delightfully named pigdogfucker on the subject of child abuse. It's actually one of the few things both sensible and disturbing on the subject that you're likely to read.

The Avian Comestible
on the subject of the veil. No, as usual from the Justin McK, not quite teh same view as others.

Something sightly strange and rather sweet from Have Passport Will Travel. Cuckoo's Pint?

Chris Dolley with another installment of the memoirs. This seems to have come from a parallel universe though.

Do read Monkey With a Typewriter: yes lads, every single one of our mother's went through this at least once.

Francis has a rather disturbing video of The Maximum Tone singing The Clash.

Stephen Tall on Jack Straw and You Tube.

It’s sadly typical of Labour that they cannot believe self-regulation works, and feel they must instead interpose government laws instead.

Quite. Mr AI Dodge on the Forsyth Report and the 'evasive twaddle' with which it was greeted.

Anoneumouse on the Bill of Rights: does it apply to us plebs to?

The Void seems to be slipping into, err the void: a graphic artist and a poet in residence now.

A Tangled Web has further thoughts on the veil issue.

We really shouldn't make fun of the marriage problems of others. But , well, Arthur Clewley does it so well.

People very unfairly accuse her of being greedy yet all she wants is what any geordie girl wants, which is enough money to get legless on a Friday night and let's face it that's going to cost Heather only half what it usually costs.....Heather is a well known mine campaigner, thats's mine, that's mine, that's mine, whilst what has Paul done with his life? He hasn't even got an airport named after him. At the end of the day we stand behind our local lass, mainly in case she topples over when she points her crutch at Paul but also in the emotionally supportive sense.

Tasteless and quite magnificent.

Geoffrey Chaucer has a new guest at his blogge. Yes, you really do want to be reading Sir John.

Peter Black has the full version of his History Matters submission: the one from before he edited it down to the required 4,000 words. What does an AM do?

Adloyada on Putin's rape statements. Convenient to be able to blame the complexities of the Russian language, don't you think?

Jarndyce points out that proportional representation systems give us better looking politicians. Does it matter though? We're going to get shafted anyway aren't we?

Spyblog writes to the European Commission: and actually gets a response. Not that they like the contents mind.

Redemption Blues remembers the events of 1956 in Hungary.

The Carnival of the Feminists
has an anniversary. One year old today. What's a suitably girlie gift to get them?

My London Your London
reviews two plays about gay men and their relationships.

The Early Modern History Carnival is up again as well.

A somewhat odd but effective misture of starlings and the Beatles at Within/Without.

Did you know that you can have a urine test to find out if you're a demon?

Err, The Green Party wants to set the prices that the NHS will pay for drugs. Forgive me if I think they do that already. If the companies price it too high, the NHS doesn't buy it (ex., Herceptin).

Mindthegapcardiff wonders whether feminine beauty practices are consitent with being a feminist. One answer might be: is the fact that I shave my beard consistent with my being a masculinist? Yes? There you go then.

Feminish and aprons:

If I’m ever caught wearing one, I give the Internet Gods permission to nuke this site.

Other Men's Flowers: Just what is wrong with the word Gravy?

The Magistrate explains the Youth crime fgures.

A view of Clare Short and her recent actions from the left at The (Daily) Maybe.

A fellow LSE'er takes to the London roads with a bicycle (more courage than I ever had I'll admit).

Diamond Geezer reports on the Bloomsbury Festival.

Tom Reynolds has some notes for helpful passers by.

And that's it for this week, tune in again next for more at the same place and until then:

Toodle Pip!

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