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October 15, 2006

Britblog Roundup #87

Welcome once again to your nominations of posts you think the rest of us should see.

You can make your nominations for next week's simply by sending the URL to britblog AT gmail DOt com.

First up this week is the new to me blog of Dr. Rant. Miss Spewiit might want to read these views on the 5 a Day plans.

Chris Dillow with surprising news from the world of football. Having a website makes more diffrence to the value of a player than whether they play for the national team.

Juggling Mother writes a letter in response to some nonsense from a child's headteacher, said headteacher really appearing to be something of a fool.

Larry at Tampon Teabag decides to try and find out what his mother does, with whom, over the weekend.

Saltation has a most marvellous photograph.

Nothing to do with blogs, roundups, Britain or anything else, but a must see little movie from McMurdo. Have the sound on.

Chris Dolley continues his reports from that slightly alternative universe he appears to inhabit.

Mr. AI Dodge's post might mean something to those rather younger (or more clued in to popular culture) than I.

Some of the Liberals are actually talking about values. Never get a political party off the ground that way these days guys!

Marcia Adair with a public service announcement. For those not au fait with certain details of teh male physiognomy it actually sounds rather painful as well as rude.

Jonny Void has captured an exclusive interview with The Great Leader. (Our one, not theirs.)

Freeborn John explains some of his past: and a great deal about Darius Guppy as well. For those old enough to remember him and Boris and so on, this is a must read.

Adloyada on Jack Straw and that veil thing.

Liberal England explains where John Reid got his idea for paying criminals to leave the country from. There are worse places to get jokes from but perhaps better ones to get ideas about criminal justice.

The Sharpener
with a really rather super idea about the criminal justice system.

Something from Harry at Crooked Timber. Witty, eloquent, all the things Harry usually is: and pray to the Gods of your choice that someone will think well enough of you to offer this epitaph:

And, just as the woman on You and Yours said, I’m certain that we’d still be friends. I wish it had been not just for the rest of his life, but for the rest of mine, too.

Clive Davis on that Windsor Jihadis story. A lot less to it than reported so far.

Pot Kettle etc. Suzblog had the wit and humour to nominate it herself. Mr. Newman, in my entirely personal opinion, showed a great deal less of either.

Dave Walker sells a cartoon (at least I hope it was sold!) to Gizmodo, where the readers entirely manage to miss the point.

My London Your London
reviews the Gods of the Pacific Exhibition at the British Museum.

Living for Disco with another report from Namibia. Economists might like the way the mobile phone is used. Others might rejoice at the use of the phrase ' elephant infested'. Not everyone is overjoyed at sharing space with Jumbo and Dumbo. Those who have to for example.

Petite Anglaise on being both a mother and a single woman.

The Capacious Handbag points out that it's not just the politics the BBC gets wrong, it can be the science as well.

Mind The Gap Cardiff has a blogging ethical question to solve. Shopuld they remain linked to a (as they admit) very good site parts of which link to p0rn?

Barbie's Worst Enemy hopes desperately that something happens, somewhere, soon, so that Heat and the rest don't have to concentrate on Big Brother Z-list celebrities.

Tom Reynolds on a quite amazing piece of stupidity. Perhaps it should have been titled ' How Soon They Forget'?

If you couldn't get to the party, simply enjoy the description from Pandemian.

Other Men's Flowers with a nice bit of mathematical history.

Diamond Geezer
: fighting with one's computer and losing.

And that's it for this week, more at the same time and place next, until then:

Toodle Pip!

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