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September 08, 2006

Wonderful New Pill

A wonderful new pill is being tested.

Now scientists may have come up with the first pharmaceutical means of tackling premature ejaculation — using a class of drug usually associated with treating depression.
Today The Lancet publishes the results of trials carried out at 121 centres in the United States. Men were randomly given either placebos or different doses of dapoxetine. As is typical in sexual studies, the placebo proved pretty effective, prolonging intercourse from less than one minute to 1.75 minutes. But the drug did better. A 30mg dose produced 2.78 minutes and a 60mg dose 3.32 minutes.

Wondrous, eh? 2 minutes and 20 seconds more fun and games at only the cost of:

Nausea, diarrhoea, headache and dizziness were reported.

"Yes darling, I’ve taken the pill for your pleasure, now, pass the toilet paper, the scented wipes, check I don’t fall off the bog and by the way, we won’t be doing anything tonight because I’ve got a headache?"

What really rather further confuses me is that those who had a slightly more racy time of it in the 1980s than I did tell me that ecstasy performs this function rather better than the above drugs.

Why develop a new one?

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In fact ANY pill can be used for this purpose. One simply (but painfully) inserts it into the urethra.

Posted by: Nice Uncle Andy | Sep 8, 2006 10:06:57 AM

Yup, E will do the job nicely. You can go all bloody night (or until your lady gets a little too sore, at any rate)...


Posted by: Devil's Kitchen | Sep 8, 2006 12:39:46 PM

Well you could just have quite a few pints, which would have much the same effect, and at least you can dispense with one symptom, diarrhoea.

Posted by: angry_economist | Sep 8, 2006 1:43:28 PM

E doesn't slow down arrival, it prevents it!

Posted by: Martin Hague | Sep 9, 2006 12:41:17 AM

Pretty much any stimulant, even caffeine, will extend duration. E is just a more, um, interesting one. Cocaine, being a topical anaesthetic, can also be applied to the relevant sensitive area for this purpose.

I've found that shrooms either have the same effect or leave me totally uninterested.

Posted by: triticale | Sep 9, 2006 7:42:19 AM

I remember P.E. back in high school as being just awful and something to be avoided. I'm glad kids around the world will soon be able to end the scourge of P.E.

BTW, all SSRIs will do this. Paxil and Effexor seem to be the worst (or best) offenders, put the side effects can interfere (puking on your partner really spoils the moment).

Posted by: Roy | Sep 9, 2006 12:48:47 PM