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September 29, 2006

We're Different Part XV

Further proof that PG Wodehouse was not in fact a novelist, simply a documentarian.

A DISPUTE between two “Roman soldiers” in a 1st century bath house ended up in court when one man accused his rival of threatening to kill him with a replica helmet.

Keith Mulhearn, who is fond of dressing up as a legionnaire called Maximus Gluteus, was forced to defend his reputation after it was claimed that he had run amok in a quiet York museum.

Mr Mulhearn, 40, the former curator of the city’s Roman Bath Museum, lost his temper with his successor, Graham Harris, because he believed that Mr Harris, 58, had stolen some of his replica Roman artefacts, York Crown Court was told.

No, don't worry about the fight, that is entirely normal I am told in these curatorial circles. No, rather that a senior museum official dressed up as a character called ' cheek bum' and, while there is a certain Steeve Reeves ambiance to all such Romanry, no one really thought very much of it.

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"To kill with a replica helmet" sounds a bit silly like shooting somebody with a replica gun but these guys go to great lengths for autheniticy so this replica differs from the original only in being a 2,000 years younger. So it was still a threat to hit with a heavy piece of metal.

Posted by: Neil Craig | Sep 29, 2006 1:33:47 PM