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September 18, 2006

Press Plagiarist of the Year Awards

As with last year I am honoured to be a judge for Guido’s Press Plagiarist of the Year Award. As you may recall, the Mail on Sunday won last year for lifting 2,000 words from the Coppersblog without permission or even an offer of compensation. Well done lads.

I have a feeling that they’re going to win again this year too. Yesterday (not online as far as I can see) they carried a two page spread of unedited entries from Richard Brunstrom’s blog.

Now, nicking stuff from Mil Millington, or from a pseudonymous police sergeant, is one thing, but doing it to a Chief Constable? Will there be collars felt? Did he give permission?

I am endeavouring to find out....although to get into the role, shouldn’t I say "enquiries are proceeding"?

Update. Good Grief, this journalism thing is easy, isn’t it? A quick call to the press office of North Wales police. The entries on the Chief Constable’s blog are offered free to anyone who wishes to republish them. So, I guess this isn’t an entry for the most prestigious award after all.

Assuming the Mail on Sunday took the trouble to check this out, of course.

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Assuming the Chief Constable blogs about his job, the blog is paid for with public money. That should make it free to anyone who wants it, but shouldn't the same logic dictate that the Mail offer their reproduction of it for free?

Posted by: Squander Two | Sep 18, 2006 9:18:28 PM