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September 17, 2006

Paul Linford

Iain Dale’s Top 100 political blogs is Out Now!

Apparently I’m a grand-daddy which means that the hoped for (but as yet non-existent) groupies will be using Zimmer frames and walking sticks. Does this mean I still have a chance with Aunty? (I assume, of course, that neither my wife nor her boyfriend find out.)

Iain is, I think, most unkind about Paul Linford. Seems like a nice enough chap to me so this description must sting a little:

Paul Linford http://paullinford.blogspot.com .... like fine wine

Fine wine? Expensive and not to everyone’s taste? Been in the cellar for years?  Grossly overpriced? Not enough bang for the buck? Cobwebby? Fawned over by sommeliers? Needs careful handling if not to be ruined? Has a rotten cork in his neck? Been horizontal for a decade or more? Do not move sharply or the sediment will ruin him? Wears a lead cap? Gordon Ramsey triples his price? Made of fruit and alcohol? Been stomped by peasants? Best with food?

I dunno, Paul, I suggest you have a word there mate. Damning with faint praise I fear.

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And I don't drink, either, which makes it worse!

Posted by: Iain Dalw | Sep 17, 2006 7:24:57 PM

Can you believe that idiot Dale neglected to mention me ! Such an omission renders the whole project pretty pointless. I realise I've been a bit quiet of late, but my insights into the current political firmament supercede any one elses due to the fact I've been dead 90 years. I know the exact outcome of next election but I'm obliged to stay silent because of a retainer I receive from Mr Ladbroke.

Posted by: The Blind Winger Jones | Sep 18, 2006 1:49:21 AM


You're being very mischievous. I am sure that nice Mr Dale meant nothing of the sort.

Posted by: Paul Linford | Sep 18, 2006 8:46:28 AM

Further to above: now how about a reciprocal link ;-)

Posted by: Paul Linford | Sep 18, 2006 9:39:27 AM