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September 28, 2006


He said:

John Reid, the then Defence Secretary, expressed the hope that the troops might be able to get in and out of Helmand without firing a shot.


So far, 400,000 small arms rounds have been fired.

The Generals say:

British commanders in Afghanistan have recommended that their men receive almost 180 awards for gallantry, including "several" Victoria Crosses, following the most intense fighting since the Korean War.

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This is very serious.

Britain has no reserves because they are all in Iraq etc. Without reserves we are heading for a military defeat & a unit getting wiped out.

When that happens it will make massive headlines which will do no good - it should be reported now while we may still have some options, however unpalatable.

The afghan war was the one legitimate one we have been involved in lately - we cannot allow al quaeda to win this.

Posted by: Neil Craig | Sep 28, 2006 3:44:48 PM