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September 14, 2006

Harriet Harman: Economic Illiterate

Dear Lord!:

The government should raise the minimum wage, boost child benefit and introduce compulsory pay audits in all companies to allow women to raise the families they want, the minister for justice, Harriet Harman, urged yesterday.
"We should be looking at a target for ending unequal pay, looking at the role the minimum wage can play in tackling unequal pay and compulsory pay audits in the private as well as public sector," she told the meeting.

Does this woman have no damn idea? Is she simply blathering? Quite possibly.

Let’s raise the minimum wage shall we? Good, well, that will put out of work all of those whose labour is worth less than said minimum wage. It will also reduce the hours on offer and so on. Excellent, an absence of jobs or of hours restricts women’s choices: is that what she means? That they should be un- or under- employed so that they have time to breed?

As to "unequal" pay. Has she actually read any of the research? Looked at what the experts are saying about why there is indeed such inequality? That at least 50% (many stating more) of the gender pay gap is in fact because women take time out of the workforce to have and to raise children? It isn’t discrimination, it’s an entirely logical response by employers to the lower productivity.

So, the solution offered is that even though these women cost more to employ (that’s the exact flip side of lower productivity), they must not be paid any less. Which will mean even fewer people being willing to employ women of child bearing age.

Harriet Harman: "Let’s help women who want to work and have children by destroying their jobs."

Clap, clap, clap. This woman is a Minister, actually has power over us?

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