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September 12, 2006

French Electoral Corruption

Why bother?

Allies of Jacques Chirac went on trial yesterday accused of vote-rigging at the time the French president was mayor of Paris.

The case, which reached a Paris court 17 years after the alleged offences, has added to the suspicions of sleaze that have dogged the president's career since he was mayor.

Fifteen politicians and officials face up to a year in jail, fines and bans on holding public office if convicted of planting more than 300 bogus voters on the electoral registers for a Paris district in 1989.

On past evidence, even if convicted, they’ll only be pardoned and it’ll be a criminal offense even to mention that they had ever been convicted.

Still, one blessing, not all 15 of them can be appointed to the European Commission.

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It should prove illuminating to see what happens when Chirac steps down from the Presidency in France next year as he then loses his present constitutional immunity from investigation and prosecution:

"The highest appeal court in France has backed President Jacques Chirac's claim that he cannot be forced to answer questions on sleaze claims against him, as long as he remains president."

Curiously, or - rather more likely - predictably, not much has been heard of late about the clearup and aftermath of the great Eurostat fraud scandal which surfaced in the EU Commission in the summer of 2003:

Note: Less than half of three million euros was recovered by Eurostat in its dealings with another company, CESD Communautaire.

Posted by: Bob B | Sep 12, 2006 10:42:37 AM