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September 24, 2006

Britblog Roundup #84

Welcome once again to the roundup of pieces you have nominated as those that the rest of us should read. Please do keep such things coming to britblog AT gmail DOT com. If nothing else it introduces me to new blogs, which is, of course, why I do it.

First up has to be this rather harrowing tale from the NHS Blog Doctor. The money spent on the system has, what, doubled? And yet there is only one nurse for 30 acute patients?

This piece from Chris Dillow was actually nominated by the Corrieblog. Ming may indeed be utterly contemptible but this is, umm, an innovative proof.

From Jonny's Blog, an excellent new game. Slot Bob Crow! Really, quite a wonderful idea.

Rachel in North London breaks out versifying. You are invited to continue the poem (or perhaps song lyrics).

Snakes in a Car! More of Chris Dolley's tales of rural life.

The Filter takes a long look at the Pope's quotation about Islam.

Blood and Treasure on what it's like to be in occupied Manchester this weekend.

The Reactionary Snob
is untaken by Squirrel Nutkin's idea that we should pay for the Labour Party's inability to manage its own finances.

You, and your party, ran up the debt. You can find your way out of it. It's my responsibility to look after my finances and the finances of my family. It is not my responsibility to bail you lot out because you couldn't organise a blowjob in a brothel. How very Old Labour to look around for a way to screw the humble worker rather than take responsibility for one's actions.

Hazel, you useless bint, you get more than enough of my money as it is. Do please fuck off.

Charlie Whittaker spots something: what is it with police checks on elected officials? Quite bizarre.

Samizdata with a less than rapturous review of a new product. You wonder what goes on in planning meetings.

Tony Hatfield provides a lucid and rational response to John Reid's latest assault on the legal system. Yes, it really is, even from a lucid and rational viewpoint, a nonsense.

Over at Smaller Than Life, a cautionary tale. Tsk, don't you know that's what Poles were made for?

Clearly I am not the first idiot to have lived here.

Jonathan Calder performs a tribute to Stanley Unwin. You have to be of a certain age rich in years  get that one, I'm afraid.

Militant Moderate on the talking CCTV cameras in Middlesbrough. An objection more in sadness than anything else.

Acerbia is somewhat acerbic about the current wave of blogs being made into books. Even mentioning one specific publisher (Chikky Yoggy's should be out soon!)

Jackie Danicki proves that we all have our blonde moments. (Jim Treacher is also good in the comments.)

Dave Hill reports in on the Mail's campaign for the triumph of lesbianism.

Emulation is of course the sincerest form of flattery so James Higham obviously likes this roundup as he's got one of his own. There's also rumours of a swearblogging roundup to be started by the Devil.

So that's it for this week, same time same place next, until then:

Toodle Pip!

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I'd like to nominate Chris Dillow's current piece which appeared after your Britblog and my attempt this morning. Mine is not strictly UK. The US component will increase. DK's Swearblog is indeed a reality and I've contributed my first piece.

Posted by: james | Sep 24, 2006 5:20:38 PM

Christ. I call out George Monbiot and what do I get?

Posted by: Alex | Sep 24, 2006 9:15:45 PM

Oh thanks for the link. You have cropped up before on Corrieblog you know:


Posted by: Linda | Sep 28, 2006 10:15:00 PM