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September 17, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 83

Welcome once again to that listing of posts you have nominated as being something we should all have a look at. You can add to next week’s extravaganza simply by sending the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

First up is a short and sweet one from Harry Hutton. Well done that man.

Well, it’s not Friday but Chris Dolley has some excellent catblogging. Plus woolly aliens.

The Devil’s Kitchen gets a diagnosis of sociopathy as a result of one of his posts. From a real doctor, too.

Taking Aim with a quite wonderful post about a very very famous man: David Prowse.

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle on the new Tory logo: they’ve rubbed out his nuts.

AI Dodge on the speech he gave at an ASI do. Educating the young ’uns you might say.

The Whiskey Priest on partisanship in UK politics. (You might note that on normal days this blog is decidedly non-partisan about politics. I despise them all.)

Nick Barlow continues his John O’Groats to Land’s End walk: now two thirds of the way and in the Midlands. If you haven’t donated yet now is agreat time. Big party 7 th October at Land’s End for anyone down that way : cheer him over the line.

Of course, he’s done it the easy way round. You can see it on the map. All downhill it is.

Cardiff Terrifies Me. Strange blog, in a quite wonderful way.

Amber on being a journalist and working with PRs. Not a pretty time of it I’m afraid.

Black Triangle takes on a particularly stupid story in The Guardian. No, Teh Graon does not win.

Dies Irae with probably the best comment on the Pope and the Mullahs kerfluffle.

Adloyada on socialist realism and curtains material. (No, seriously, very good it is too.)

The Englishman revives the "Two Things About Everything"game. Some very good additional answers there. Worth adding to the list perhaps?

SuzBlog picks up on the huge amount of work Iain Dale has done on his listings of the top political blogs. (I’m in this one. Check around his site to find if you’re there.)

My London Your London with a review of the Bengal exhibition at the British Museum.

Philobiblon shares her, err, holiday photos. As she points out in hte intor, you don’t have to look at them.

Camden Kiwi on the amazing things you can pick up at Euston (no, dirty little minds: that’s at King’s Cross!)

Diamond Geezer on the London Open House. More of his invaluable guidance to the capital city.

The Creepy Lesbo with something probably not safe for work. Taking the sex toy for a walk.

The Magistrate explains that rather odd sentence on the blind driver.

Nee Naw on 9/11: and what can a dispatcher say to an emergency call when no one knows what the right answer will be?

Antonia Bance on the realities of trying to curb anti-social behaviour on a housing estate.

Early Modern Whale with a stopry about the thieving of holy water. And disliking the National Trust.

And that’s it for this week, same time, same place, next, until then:

Toodle Pip!

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