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September 03, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 81

Welcome, welcome once again to that little listing of the blog posts you’ve nominated, the ones you think we ought to have seen but perhaps did not.

You can send in entries for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Anything from a British or Irish blog, any subject, any viewpoint, just, as above, those things we all ought to pay more attention to.

First up this week has to be the wiki experiment by that odious little taxstealer, the Boy Milliband. Wonko’s World copied the whole thing moments before the dipsticks erased it, finally realising quite how silly they’d been. There was a time when the best minds of a generation went into governance: clearly this is no longer true. As Wonko says:

Produced without permission from Defra. My taxes paid for this complete cock-up and I intend to get my money’s worth.

Read it, laugh, then weep for the State of the Nation.

Martin Kelly on that 12 year old  in Pakistan Rather double standards and there are some Scottish politicians with a lot of explaining to do.

Doctor This explains another of the things wrong with the NHS. Yes, it is the way it’s organized, no, it isn’t that there isn’t enough money.

Adloyada on the joys of BT Broadband. A quite hilarious description of what happens when a Stalinist monopoly attempts, not very successfully, to be anything other than that.

Peter Black AM with a very funny little post about the effect of globalization on knickers. That the complainant is called Cato would amuse a certain think tank as well.

John Widdon has some career advice for Andrew Lloyd Webber: and a fascinating outline for a musical. I say give it a try: couldn’t be worse than Cats (could anything?)

Rafael Behr has cleaned the baby vomit off his keyboard for long enough to give us the essential guide to the speeches of the conference season.

Liberal England with the correct response to child obesity (well, the correct response for liberals. Personally, simply ban central heating, that’ll cure it.)

The Great Leader proposing eugenics? Say it isn’t so! Love and Liberty and The Liberal Dissenter are on the case. This does seem to be the one issue upon which even his own supporters realise he’s gone gaga.

As an example of the vile and insane laws that he has already had passed, the photos of the mass lone protest in Parliament Square. Alas I couldn’t be there but my poster would have read "I’ve been oppressed by a better class of bastard than you Blair".

Changing the subject entirely, The Thames on energy saving lightbulbs. I’m afraid I’ll have to differ slightly, as regular readers will know, this blog is subsidized by my position in the international scandium oligopoly which means that the only possible change for the ethical blogger is to metal halide bulbs, "Do It For Timmy" being the rallying cry.

Jonny Void has some inside information on the Israeli performance in the recent fighting. The usual Air Force blather about air power finally being able to win a war alone.

EU Referendum with  yet another example of how we no longer really live in a democracy.

Chris Dolley on village cricket. No, he wasn’t asked to play again.

My London Your London with a review of In Extremis. Yes, see it seems to be the answer.

Philobiblon on why obesity is a social problem, not just a personal one. (Some naughty editorial here. It may even be a social problem but that doesn’t make it a societal one nor one amenable to Government intervention. But then I would say that.)

The feminists over at Mind the Gap provide the results of their discussion on feminism and LGBT issues.

Pandemian with a perfect recitation of what happened at the IT training day. Yes fellow bloggers, take notes, this is marvellous.

Stephen Tall on what politicians are actually for. Surprisingly, given that he is one, it appears they’re not there to give the executioner some practice on weights for the long drop.

Gnotalex uncovers a lovely litte website over at Dodgeblogium. Awful baby names.

The Whiskey Priest on the possible ban on violent pornography. Makes a lot of sense in that last line.

Scotton Pinkney. You’ll need to scroll around a few posts to get the flavour. England is as England was it appears.

Freemania on what a Labour renewal might look like. The first comment has a, shall we say, rather leftish critique.

And that’s it for this week, same time, same place next. Until then:

Toodle Pip!

Update: Late entrants and ones I messed.

Paul Colletti on Artur Boruc.

Redemption Blues on changes to the language.

The Millennium Elephant on Byers as a Stealth Tory.

LibertyCat on a Tory value to be reclaimed.

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What's the url for the Martin Kelly piece?

Posted by: NotSaussure | Sep 3, 2006 6:22:04 PM

Love your weekly roundup. I just wish someone (among those who have the time to do this kind of thing) did a more generic "best of the web", which was not just limited to blogs.

I particularly enjoyed JG Ballard, in his Fascist's guide to the Premiership over at NS this week:
"I suspect that we will miss Tony Blair when he is gone. The boyish charm is fraying but still intact. The exhaustion, the desperate need to convince everyone of the truth of his own delusions, the raw emotions worn as a kind of exoskeleton, all show one of the great actor-managers in heroic decline. Blair may be the last British prime minister able to trade openly on his emotions. He knows that we are secretly rather drawn to bad acting and are happy to collude in his exposure of his weaknesses.

He is the beaten husband, still in charge of the car keys and the TV remote, but aware that the rest of the household despises him and is impatient for him to bring down the curtain. He jokes and winces, and makes fun of his own despair. The longer he hangs on, the more he can steer us towards the steamy, emotional bath we were happy to help him prepare. Would he like to drown us? After all, we like being lied to, we like promises that will never be kept, we like being locked into his smiling neediness."

Posted by: bbm | Sep 3, 2006 11:07:29 PM

The Times does a weekly best of the web type column (on Saturdays I think). Can't find it in the online edition though.

Posted by: Gavin Whenman | Sep 4, 2006 10:09:39 AM

I am glad you liked the gnotalex piece...a little light guffawing never did anyone any harm.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | Sep 4, 2006 10:45:34 AM

Tim -- Thanks for the puff: most unexpected!

New members are always sought for the Primrose Club. And please drop in to the Three Bells to admire Roddy Fitzallan's collection of stuffed badgers (now repaired following the fracas which resulted in my being banned, but that's another story).

Posted by: T. P. Fuller | Sep 4, 2006 10:34:58 PM