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August 07, 2006

Tommy and Perjury

Well, there’s no doubt that someone was lying, but who?

POLICE have received a formal complaint that witnesses perjured themselves during the Tommy Sheridan defamation trial, strengthening the possibility of a criminal investigation.

The complaint, from a member of the public, was lodged with Lothian and Borders Police on Saturday and has been referred to the Crown Office for guidance as to whether an inquiry is required. A second complaint is expected to be lodged by Brian Monteith, an Independent Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Sheridan is expected soon to take the first steps to reclaim the leadership of the Scottish Socialist Party, which he helped to found ten years ago.

Yesterday the party’s executive committee met in Glasgow to assess its position after Mr Sheridan’s £200,000 legal victory on Friday against the News of the World’s allegations. Eleven senior party figures had testified against him during his court battle to defend his reputation against newspaper claims that he was an adulterer who took part in orgies. Last night the committee issued a statement calling on him to apologise for claiming that his political enemies had framed him.

Going to be interesting finding out really, isn’t it?

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It's ging to be fascinating.

Posted by: Martin | Aug 7, 2006 8:56:42 AM

Going to be interesting?

You cannot be serious.

The whole spectacle is absurd and tedious : the egomaniac ex-leader of an extremist party nobody votes for gets into a row about whether he has a penchant for unusual sex with semi-strangers?

Who actually cares?

An extended period of silence from all of them would be just dandy, thanks.

Posted by: andrew duffin | Aug 7, 2006 4:14:04 PM

Sorry, Andrew, can't agree.

The verdict was so comprehensively against the volume of evidence against Sheridan that, for what it's worth, it's my belief a strong case could be made for it being perverse and not the outcome that a reasonable jury would have reached on the balance of probabilities.

Somebody must have lied; and a lie in that forum is a serious offence.

Posted by: Martin | Aug 7, 2006 7:55:45 PM

I wonder if Tommy, persuasive orator that he is, would have had the same outcome before an English jury in the High Court? By choosing to fight in the Court of Session he gave himself a big head start.

The fuss won't die down because of the perjury investigations. Yes, Sheridan is an egomaniac but there's no chance whatsoever an an extended period of silence from any of the parties in this one.

Posted by: the great redacto | Aug 7, 2006 9:24:54 PM

Basicly everybody, including the jury, despises journalists. Nothing perverse about that.

In the original Archer trial I was never convinced that the jury were convinced he was wholly innocent, merely that the Star were wholly scum attacking somebody for what was utimately a private matter. Sounds reasonable to me.

Posted by: Neil Craig | Aug 8, 2006 4:20:45 PM