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August 27, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 80

Here we are again, a Britblog Roundup for a Bank Holiday weekend. Enough good stuff to see you through until your return to the office on Tuesday.

You can make nominations for next week’s by simply sending the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Please point us to those posts from British and Irish blogs that we didn’t see but should have.

First up has to be Guido Fawkes with his investigation into Unity Trust Bank. For those not entirely up to date with banking regulations, yes, lending 10% of a bank’s capital as an unsecured loan to an organization (even though it is the ruling political party) that is, by most objective measures, bankrupt, is indeed a big deal. It should be most amusing to see what happens in the weeks to come.

Running a close second is The Sharpener’s round up of the interesting new blogs of this year so far.

Clairwill on the Health n’ Safety Fascists.

God is there anything more tedious than the anti-smoking mob on their hind legs. If you click the previous link you'll find they're all having a fit of the vapours because Melanie Griffiths gave her 17 year old a light. I'm not making this up. Surely the end days are upon us. I feel certain there is something in the Book of Revelations about a world where everyone overreacts to nonsense shortly before the plague descends. The sharp eyed amongst you will note that Mel is about to spark up herself, therefore it would be rude not to offer her daughter a light. Do they want the girl to grow up with no manners? I think not.

Scaryduck writes to say that he’s got a book out and that you ought to go and buy it. Scaryduck also writes to point out that Tom Reynolds has a book out (number 57 on Amazon....congratulations!) in order to make his first missive appear slightly less massively self-serving.

The Flying Winged Monkey is both amusing and depressing in this report upon the realities of modern day policing.

SkirkyBaby plays dodgems arounf the triathlon and is not impressed with the organizational abilities of the local counci.

The Wordsmith with an all too common example of illiteracy. Seriously, a proof reading agency that needs its own material proof read. This, an older piece from the same blog, is also very good.

Francis reminds us of that diesel land speed record. What I hadn’t known was why JCB were involved: it’s the same engine that powers their machines. Makes that Nizlopi video ofholding up the traffic seem a touch silly, doesn’t it?

This is absolutely marvellous, Master Chaucer on the new theatrical extravaganze, Serpents on a Shippe. I’d offer 10 to one odds that that author gets offered a book contract within the year.

Chris Dolley with further remeniscence: this time a story that had to be left out of the book he’s just published.

UK Law Student on the new way in which the NUS is shafting students. The basic idea has been going on ever since I can remember. Raise money from the students in order to have conferences which are about how to raise money from students in order to have conferences.

Excellent piece from Liberal England on the BBC show about the Orkney Statanic Abuse case. There’s some fabulous pieces to quote but that would be an injustice. Read it all.

The Millennium Elephant is striving hard to become the LibDem blog of the year. Good Rory Bremenr joke in there too.

SuzBlog on that very competition, how to nominate, who the judges are etc.

The Avian Comestible with his regular Friday piece. Re the Tom and Jerry smoking controversy:

What next, we can only guess. ‘George from Rainbow made my son gay’? If TV is so influential on small minds then why aren’t more children growing up to be postmen (as in Pat), builders (as in Bob, The) and Firemen (as in Sam)? We may have missed it but we’re pretty sure there isn’t a kids’ cartoon about Middle Management Mike, and yet we’re up to our necks in the tossers. If people believe that cartoons are mind-washing the kids, why haven’t we got an ‘Eric the Electrician’ and ‘Pete the Plumber’? Or ‘Madge the Midwife’? A little televisual social engineering and our skills shortage would be slashed at a stroke. Or not. For all of children’s TV’s seeming emphasis on caring and sharing these days, our school playgrounds are still seething with miniature Charles Mansons.

Your update on the Pluto, a planet or not, controversy. davidnm points out that the criteria used means that Pluto is not, but Chiron is. Our smallest planet can now be fitted into Wales (now there’s a thought: what would be terminal velocity do you think?)

The Englishman finds that Kennet Council is bugging him. Suggestions on what to do with hte bug would be welcome.

Other Men’s Flowers on the British propensity to form clubs and associations. Yes, there really is a Gay Birders Club.

Nee Naw on the joys of not actually having to call an ambulance to get medical help.

My London Your London on a Belarussian play with strong overtones of the old samizdat literature. Not all that surprising with Lukaschnko around.

Mind The Gap with a feminist critique (perhaps condemnation is a better word) of Catholicism.

The Diary of Barbie’s Worst Enemy has a petition against Channel 5.

Apparently we don’t include the right blogs in this thing. Do buck up with the nominations will you?

And that’s it for this week. Same time, same place, 7 days hence. Until then:

Toodle Pip!

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The astronobod doesn't care for "3) It must dominate, and have cleared the space around its orbit." Neither do I; the first phrase sounds like a translation from the French, the second like a failure to translate from American.

Posted by: dearieme | Aug 27, 2006 5:07:52 PM

Love this quote from liberalengland:


"Socialists and liberals tend to see progress as consisting in professionals (and pseudo-professionals) supervising more and more areas of our lives."

Posted by: Forester | Aug 28, 2006 12:12:09 AM

Do what you want, dude. Your page. Just it would be more accurate if you changed the name to "Suzblog and Friends", rather than "Britblog Roundup". (You consistently omit 99 percent of the leading British blogs.)

Not most people's idea of a "roundup".


Life's too short.

Fortunately we (British bloggers) have our own quality controls.

Posted by: Peter | Aug 28, 2006 9:37:10 PM