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July 01, 2006

Yes, We’re Different

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that the English aren’t different, slightly away with the fairies at times:

Most people simply move house. But when Sheila and Peter Batterbury left London to live in Somerset they also moved garden.

Mrs Batterbury, a devoted gardener, spent 18 months digging up all her 600 plants, shrubs and bushes before transporting them 100 miles in the back of a furniture lorry to the couple's new home near Bath.

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They're my parents. I swear. Except my mother would also bring her Aga.

Posted by: auntymarianne | Jul 1, 2006 8:47:46 AM

Oh yeah? I heard of a Texan who did that with his ranch.

Posted by: P. Froward | Jul 1, 2006 12:31:59 PM

Doesn't sound odd to me. But then, I'm a gardener...

Posted by: Kathy K | Jul 1, 2006 7:53:15 PM

They actually are my parents. The story broke in 8 newspapers (at least), which gave me a shock! All journalists gave the distance the plants were moved from London as different, and most said my parents bought some land to create the garden(they didn't).

Posted by: Simon | Jul 19, 2006 6:02:47 PM

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Posted by: marie annick | Apr 5, 2007 8:30:55 PM