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July 11, 2006

Right of Protest

I may find myself having to come back to the UK sometime after January 15th next year.

As Boris explains.

A Pledgebank well worth signing up for I think.

Anyone know if those Bollocks to Blair t-shirts will still be on sale then?

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Coming back to the UK! How could you? The rest of us are trying to get out. I'll wave as we cross flightpaths.

Posted by: Mark S | Jul 11, 2006 10:00:45 PM

Just to let you know the "Bollocks To Blair" clothing range is still going strong- no-one arrested of late however!!

http://www.splashclothing.com/index.htm?ac=ERYIM-M is the link to the webpage.

Posted by: Toby Splash | Oct 25, 2006 11:24:05 AM