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July 28, 2006

Gender Pay Gap. Again

Yet another report on the gender pay gap. Some sensible things apparently and I’ll look for a copy of the report later. However:

“As the gender pay gap at the age of 30 is about 20 per cent, this suggests it will take 150 years for this gap to disappear.”

That 20% looks high. Are they confusing the public/private/full time/part time/men/women gaps all together?

The report on women’s salaries found that even those who worked full-time and did not take career breaks would earn 12 per cent less than their male counterparts after ten years.

If they pay gap is indeed because (as they suggest) women take time off to have children, then we’d still expect to see a gap because women might take time off to have children.

Bet they didn’t include the research which shows that the very existence of periods explains 12% of the gender pay gap, eh?

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This would seem to confirm the child care/career break explanations...



Posted by: Judge | Jul 28, 2006 6:08:41 PM

Insofar as "pay gaps" between male and female workers occur in the private sector, they're mostly figments of the imagination.

If such differentials actually existed, any otherwise competent businessman need merely fill all such slots with females in order to beat the pants off his competitors.

Posted by: gene berman | Jul 31, 2006 8:54:27 PM