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July 27, 2006

Filial Piety

Of Abu Hamza:

He is a coward and a hypocrite, and deserves to rot in jail

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I wish to rid the world of leftwingery with all its lies, and its greenie sidekicks. I am prepared to rant at length to anyone who will listen. I am happy to see the left violently kicked off the streets and driven into the sea to drown. I am prepared to say so and to encourage others in my beliefs. I hope someone gets Livingstone with a bomb. I hope things get to a point where greenpeace and the rest of their camfookinpaigner scum rightly fear letter bombs in the post and shut up their stupid ignorant mouths for fear of violence.

Readers, tell me - have I done any less than Abu Hamza and should I now be imprisoned?

Posted by: anon | Jul 27, 2006 8:56:13 AM

I guess you don't really understand the concept (or any of the words) of 'inciting racial or religious hatred' do you.

Here's a link you may find useful - http://dictionary.cambridge.org/

Posted by: JuliaM | Jul 27, 2006 9:12:23 AM

What has this article to do with filial piety or the lack of it? This woman is not the daughter of Abu Hamza. She isn't related to him at all.

Posted by: Pete | Jul 27, 2006 12:54:10 PM

Pete, she's his stepdaughter, at least according to The Times. Her birth certificate apparently gives him as the biological father, but, again according to the article, 'is convinced that he duped her mother, Valerie Fleming, into wrongly naming him on the birth certificate as Donna’s biological father because he was trying to gain the right to stay in Britain'.

Posted by: Steve G | Jul 27, 2006 7:29:57 PM