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June 04, 2006

Worth Noting

On a post from last week about the abortion of those with club feet.

These two comments just in which perhaps deserve a little more of an airing than they’re going to get back in the archives.

I was born in 1975 with one very badly clubbed foot. Back then the techniques weren't so good and I had several operations and spent the first few years of my life with my foot in a plaster. I have quite a large scar up the back of my foot, when I get tired the fact that my legs are different lengths shows more as I have a little limp and my left leg from the knee down is quite a bit skinnier due to muscle development loss. When I was a teenager I felt embarrassed about my foot, although I did where shorts, I was concerned that people would see the difference. I'm a marine biologist and Zoologist, I've travelled the world extensively, lived in several different countries, have good friends on 5 continents, am about to go off to spend another 3 months studying dolphins and whales in the Bahamas, am still told that I am a good looking young man, am in a happy seven year relationship, enjoy going to nightclubs, run regularly and have done a half-marathon, sky-dive, scuba-dive, have a great flat in the centre of London and a very loving family. And I'm sure I've missed out a few other really great things about my life, I consider myself to be a very fortunate person on this planet and several of my friends chide me about how 'lucky' I am. Now, I find that a few years later my parents may have been told to abort me! It has almost made me cry and I'm not by heart an anti-abortionist, I think it does have a place, but not for this. The people involved should be struck off.


Oh and I forgot to say, I was determined as a child to hop on my left foot and I still can.

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