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June 25, 2006

Britblog Roundup #71

Once more into the breach of good taste that is the Britblog Roundup, this time the 71 st, err, time.

You can make your nominations for next week’s but simply emailing theURL of your recommended post to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Any subject, any treatment, simply those posts that you think the rest of us should see.

First up we have Mr Stumbling and Mumbling with his take on Gordon Brown’s desire to update Trident.

...the world's most expensive penis enlargement

Pootergeek is in fine form and announces that Paris Hilton is to become the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University.

The ascent of the ‘differently informed’ to prominent positions in British society—from Chris Moyles to Zac Goldsmith—presages a global transition towards what we are calling the ‘Ignorance Economy’.

Save the Ribble are continuing their sterling work in local activism against the diktats of the bureaucratic apparatchiki.

Lynne Featherstone MP has contributed to the Liberal Review. They’re obviously going downmarket as I was one of their opening contributors.

Mr. Mapp finds that bunnies are, well, bunnies.

Never Trust a Hippy makes some political proposals.

Cicero’s Songs on the Scottish English thing. Sensible, witty and he almost persuades me.

The Inside of my Head makes a plea to all the Internet Explorer users out there. Please, change to something else!

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle is most unkind to The Dear Leader. Tsk, comparing him to Galton of eugenics fame, whatever can have prompted that idea?

Perfect.co.uk on the subject of new nukes. It’s an intruiging argument and may well actually (depressingly) be true.

James Bainbridge made the propreitor of The Filter drool with this piece. See what you think.

Nosemonkey goes all primate over The Maximum Tone’s latest plans for the legal system (effectively, let’s not have one).

Barder Pater wonders whether we are now inside the asylum looking out: the only other explanation would seem to be that the entire country is the asylum.

Suzblog on getting a public drain fixed. Rather more complex than you might have thought.

Mr. Eugenides takes on Jack McConnell (who he? Ed) I think it would be fair to say that he doesn’t like him.

Liberal England is not enamoured of the remake Ming campaign.

Adloyada on the Human Rights Watch report into that shelling/mine in Gaza. Why were the original claims that it was an Israeli shell so loudly trumpeted and why are the current retractions so widely ignored?

The Sharpener on that Paxman/ Coulter encounter. My personal theory is that Coulter is actually Rhandi Rhoades in disguise, seeing how far she can take the joke.

Spy.Org on the UK implications of the US authorities snooping into the SWIFT bank payment system (including mine apparently!)

Bishop Hill with a marvellous little quotation that, absurdly perhaps, makes me rather proud to be English.

Philobiblon continues her historical research: and likesn it, occasionally, to sitting on the cat.

Early Modern Whale on gravestones, prompted by a quatrain on one of a 105 year old....who died in 1687.

Antonia Bance gives us the full work week of a new councillor. She’s been getting some hostility for the fact that she is a lesbian: absurdly, not actually from any of the voters or anything but from her colleagues within the Labour Party who think the voters might object. Weird to see such prejudice in this day and age.

Mind the Gap does a bit of meta-blogging. Who’s commenting, why, and how to keep the conversation going?

The Capacious Handbag. A witty little piece and enough that I’m sure you’ll want to scroll around that blog a lot more. Yes, verily, one of the finds of this week I think.

The Ratlab responds to a little bit of patriarchal patronising. Most of us would, I think, recommend more violence there.

The Magistrate on the triumph which is ASBOs. Just think, if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have to invent them.

Tom Reynolds goes to a stabbing, gets sprayed with blood, thanks the L that he wears glasses not contacts and notes that the two policemen saved a young man’s life. Always apply pressure to wounds!

And that’s it for this week, some time, same place next week. Google tells me that David Beckham did something this afternoon. Is that normal?

Toodle Pip!

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