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June 11, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 69

No, no, no jokes about the position we’ve got ourselves into as we do the Britblog for  nth time.

You can send in your nominations for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Just send in hte URL of what you think was the great post of the past week. Any subject, any treatment, just the good stuf that you think we all should see.

First up is this recommended by the NHS Blog Doc. Let Me Live. It’s probably true that the NHS needed reform and almost certainly true that it didn’t need this form of it. See it from the point of view of this cystic fibrosis sufferer.

Mr S&M on why Wayne Rooney is wiser than Tony Blair. Yes, really, you did read that right.

Adloyada has a roundup of reactions to the death of Zarqawi...including those who are less than impressed.

SuzBlog sez put out more flags. And she’s tracked down the code for you to get your own animated flags for your blog. I can’t quite remember why anyone would want to do so though: it’s only a two test series against Australia isn’t it?

Liberal England looks at Guardian bias in reporting on the education system. While David Lammy’s educational background is interesting the point that got me was the aside about continuous assessment.

Tha family Barder have done themselves proud this week. Pater (Brian B) rather magnificently puts the boot into Pete King, one of the more odious Congresscritters. Comment 3 is a joy as well. Junior (Owen B) proclaims his membership of the anti-religious Jihad.

Tony Hatfield with another of those stories that just make you proud to be British. Civil servants, dontcha’ just love’m?

James at The Filter. One of those that you’ll have to make your own minds up about. Well over my head, very intellectual.

Johnny Void continues his excoriation of the Talk To Frank website. He’s applied to actually run it now.

Mr. Dodge decalres his blog a footie free zone by writing a long post about footie.

The Curious Hamster notes a rather radical change in Britains foreign policy. Apparently we’re neturals now, from what The Maximum Tone said.

Recommended as a whole blog is Doing it All Again. Pregnancy, freelancing, marriage, the lot.

For those of you (Brain B?) wondering where all the women bloggers are Philobiblon has been keeping a running collection of them, updated every Friday.

EC1 Cruise Control writes in defense of male bloggers. And against Catherine Bennett’s little piece at CiF which gives you two for theprice of one.

The History News Network with a long piece on the discovery of ancient (well, pre-Columbian) evidence of a super nova. Proper science like.

Other Men’s Flowers on that all important question. Who to support when you don’t actually care about association at all?

Early Modern Whale on why the 6/6/06 event passed off so easily. The real number of the beast is 42. (Yes, he does make the connection.)

Pandemian with a spot of old style blogging. Or, if you prefer, what to do in the back of the training class when they won’t let you use a laptop.

And that’s it folks! Until next week, same time, same place on the dial:

Toodle Pip!

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