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May 10, 2006

L’Escroc’s Bank Account

So Jacky Chirac is denying that he has a secret bank account in Japan.

President Jacques Chirac took the exceptional step last night of denying allegations that he had a secret Japanese bank account into which £30 million had been paid over a number of years.

Well, that’s the intro, anyway.

Mr Chirac, who rarely responds to allegations questioning his financial propriety, "categorically" rejected the suggestion in the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchainé that he had ever possessed such an account.

A French intelligence chief, Gen Philippe Rondot, was alleged to have told investigating judges that the large amounts were paid by a "cultural foundation" into an account in the president's name at the Tokyo Sowa Bank.


Le Canard said Mr Chirac's alleged account in Japan had been mentioned incidentally during Gen Rondot's questioning. But a close confidant of the president was quoted as saying: "The President of the Republic categorically denies the information reported by the Canard Enchainé. The president has never had an account at the Sowa Bank."

Aha! Now, I’ve only just skimmed (so far) Madsen Pirie’s new book, "How to Win Every Argument", but I’d say that’s a case of the "Half-Concealed Qualification".

The allegation is that L’Escroc had an account at the Tokyo Sowa Bank into which 30 million has been paid over the years. We read the denial as being that there is no Japanese account into which 30 million has been paid. Refuted, no?

Well, the actual denial came not from the President but from a spokesman...and made no reference to Japan or 30 million. It actually said that he’d never had an account at the Showa Bank.

Is there a Nagasaki Showa Bank? An Osaka? Is there another account in Japan, or another country, that does have 30 million in it? Of course, not, for as we know the President of the Republic is an entirely honourable man and would never be involved in the looting of public money.

But the denial offered doesn’t actually tell us what we assume it does.

Update: Thomas emails with fascinating information.

That's just what Irie is trying to achieve. As CFO of Tokyo Star Bank, formed after Texas-based Lone Star Group acquired Tokyo Sowa Bank in 2001, Irie is working closely with his American bosses to transform a small-time bank that had previously put profitability only as a secondary goal.

Of course L’Escroc doesn’t have an account at the Tokyo Sowa Bank. The bank doesn’t exist!

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Superb, that corrupt shit deserves to be imprisoned after he is finally gotten rid off. You also wonder from where the money came from, probably highly successful investment strategies into global French companies who are doing well out of 'le mondialisation.'

Posted by: John Middleton | May 10, 2006 9:51:40 AM

I wonder how much Iraqi money in in the account.

Posted by: Tom | May 10, 2006 3:45:08 PM