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May 21, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 66

Get your kicks on Roundup 66... to paraphrase Sir Mick.

Yes, it’s our weekly whatever it is again and you can make your nominations for next week by emialing them to britblog  AT gmail DOT com.

First up has to be the liveblogging of the Eurovision Song Contest by Blognor Regis. Greater fortitude hath no man etc, to watch that so that you don’t have to.

That story on Iranian Jews needing to wear yellow identifying marks? Untrue as Adloyada and Harry’s Place both report. I’m not normally a fan of the conspiracy theory (believing rather in the cock-up explanation of history) but Lenin’s Tomb has some further interesting questions. Yeah, yeah, I know, Lenin? WTF? But seriously, why on earth was such an outrageous story run?

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle gives John Reid’s first (and last) actions at the Home Office.

Liberal England rather opens a can of worms: Yes, first past the post voting systems can be terrible and party list systems in mutli member constituencies even worse.

Peter Briffa provides us with tomorrow’s news today. Another selection of his emails from the great, the good and Mark Steyn on their future columns. Post of the week by a long shot.

The Filter tells us of an Arts Council funding Lear with a carrot in the title role. Do read the comments.

Philobiblon on Tony and nuclear power. No, as you might expect, she’s not overwhelmed with the decision. Natalie also reviews the world’s oldest surviving play.

The delightful "Living for Disco" on the provision of business cards in Namibia.

Gardening, the British affliction, on a Sunday.

Diamond Geezer visits the Hellfire Club. Back then Dashwood had to hide it all, these days you’d get a tabloid exclusive.

Vitriolica from just across the river from me on one of the sub-species (and I do mean sub) of the Portuguese. Amazingly similar to what we have on this bank too.

The Grumpy Old Bookman on the writer of a self help book: almost a physician heal thyself thing.

NHS Blog Doctor asks if he may stick a finger up your bum? Male patients only, naturally.

Stephen Tall on the existence of Martin Kettle: what is that man for? Rather a nomination for Fisking Central actually.

Jarndyce tells us exactly what we’re getting for the moolah being forked out to John Prescott.

The Sharpener on the report into 7/7...whose fault?

Mr. Dodge suggests that someone should have a quick look at that ref’s bank account.

Coffee and PC on why Tone and Dave should actually value the Human Rights Act. For one, it stops us from expressing our opinion of them in any physical manner.

Moving On on the British Values debate. I still rather like Bishop Hill’s (I think?) comment from last time this came round. The British are defined by not discussing such things, leave that to Johnny Foreigner.

The Lone Voice has a go at Polly. Now fox hunting has gone, becoming the country’s most popular blood sport.

A Very British Dude on the Socialist Republic of North Britain. The English really need to withdraw from the area if it is to have any hope of recovering.

Make My Vote Count on learning the lesson of the rise of the BNP. Both amusing and important.

DoctorVee takes issue with the report on teaching to the test in maths. It happens in all subjects he suggests. Shuggy is also on to this. It’s the system, stupid.

The Da Vinci Code movie as it actually is. In fact, the entire script.

They don’t make sexism like they used to. A stunning discovery that shows why the first Star Trek was the best.

SuzBlog on Mark Oaten’s exercise show. No doubt he’ll be recommending a diet with plenty of fibre.

Daniel’s Counter on immigration, economic, illegal and asylum seekers.

Tampon Teabag with this week’s most important political quiz. Which wing are you?

The Ministry of Truth reports on the necessary twelve steps for The Dear Leader.

And that’s it for this week, tune in next week for another installment.

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