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April 17, 2006

You What?

Arrived overnight as a comment on an earlier post:

Compared to the rest of the world, the UK is indeed the most racist nation on earth.

Really? More than Rwanda? Where 80% of the population tried to kill the other 20% in the last decade?

This may come as a shock to some people but compared to the rest of the world the UK is an amazingly tolerant and non-racist place.

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I'm british and I'm incredibly racist.

100m sprint, 110m steeplechase, marathon. I do them all.

Posted by: sortapundit | Apr 17, 2006 11:23:56 AM

Not that I'd ask you to betray the name of the commenter, but this sounds like one of the considered opinions of Neil "I want Tony Blair's Babies" over at Brighton Regency Labour.


Posted by: The Remittance Man | Apr 17, 2006 11:40:27 AM

Clearly this chap hasn't travelled much.

Posted by: Tim Newman | Apr 17, 2006 11:59:36 AM

The commenters name is "Harry Horny" which suggests Tim might have fallen for a "troll".

Posted by: Matthew | Apr 17, 2006 12:05:45 PM

What do they know of England, who only England know?

Posted by: dave fordwych | Apr 17, 2006 3:20:58 PM

Six million ethnic "Chinese" were driven from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the late 1970's. So many of these refugees (many of whom did not speak mainline Chinese languages such as Cantonese or Mandarin) attempted to find sanctuary in China itself that a war broke out between China and Vietnam -- efforts to "secure the border" and "control immigration" and preserve jobs for "our sort of people" ...

But this bit of history is almost never what people refer to when they speak of "learning the lessons of Vietnam..."

Posted by: pouncer | Apr 17, 2006 5:14:51 PM