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April 02, 2006

The Borders Boycott

Oh my word, the CEO of Borders hits back at those bloggers suggesting that his company should be subjected to a boycott for not selling that magazine with the MoToons.

Seriously wondrous, that a CEO in this day and age actually gets the point of all of this blogging stuff. Don’t hide behind the PR people, don’t spout meaningless corporate guff, just tell it like it is. Your customers will love you for it.

(Gerard, a real scoop getting him to write for your blog. Even the NY Times picked up the story. Congratulations, you’re a proper blogmeister. Comment 7 sums it all up for me.)

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His title might have suffered a bit of grade inflation ("CEO/Chairman of the Board/President/Director") but he writes with vigorous good sense.

Posted by: dearieme | Apr 2, 2006 2:52:25 PM