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April 03, 2006

The Awful Truth About Boris Johnson

Following on from yesterday’s News of the Screws revelations the truth is out in the comments section at Boris’:

It's actually far worse than they make it out to be. The truth of this matter is incredibly sordid, and if it gets out, it'll be the end of Boris' career.

She's his ghostwriter.

Rather like that somewhat unkind comment about Petronella. Bonking her wasn’t the problem, publishing her was.

In completely unrelated news Blood and Treasure reports on the activities of an historical Turkish Bey:

…Half a century later it occurred to Colin Simpson and Phillip Knightley of the London Sunday Times to ask the supposed rapist for his side of the story. They hurried off to Turkey and tracked down the town to which the Bey had retired, arriving at his home only to learn he'd died not long before. Relatives told the British reporters that the Bey would not have found Lawrence appetizing prey. The Turk was a noted womanizer, and when in Mesopotamia was always getting the clap from consorting with whores on his excursions to Damascus.

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Tim. Tim, Tim, Tim. No credit? I'm all about the credit, my friend.

And yes, reading Petronella it's clear that she wasn't hired on at the Spectator for her ability to make words dance.

Posted by: raincoaster | Apr 5, 2006 12:26:33 AM